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The ‘Dundee Pockets’ series 2012

‘Dundee: What Has It Got In Its Pockets?’ was a series of works created throughout 2012: 

they offered a snapshot of life and collective concerns, on a gradually increasing scale.

These involved initial residencies and then  interactive work with diverse groups, beginning with pilot work with single groups (i.e. arts students & exhibition attendees,) progressing to a wider public (Library users,) then members of multiple groups from a hugely diverse range of ages, abilities, background, cultures and contexts (around 2000 people.)

The finished works were shown in various venues, including a one-day outdoor installation in Dundee’s City Square in October 2012 – it was my birthday present to myself!

I hope you enjoy the images:

IMAG0071the first, pilot work – at the Art Colege

COPY laminate curtain at Generatorlive interactive during Generator Artists’ Group Members’ Show 2012

IMAG0171  IMAG0147 Central library residency

IMAG0145  IMAG0144  DSCF3384 beautiful individual pieces

IMAG0202  IMAG0208  IMAG0148 a selection from different groups

IMG_0874  the final work of around 1500 pieces being installed at City Square – people looked & talked all day!

IMG_0887  IMAG0216  IMAG0218 details at City Square – a lovely, lovely day!


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