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Space, Place, Movement: 2016

Space and Performance: Projects

July 1, 2016 Leave a comment

Since returning from Prague and Utrecht in 2015, life, in its dual guises of death and birth, has intervened, but still plans for a new project have been developing.

First, though: in April – May 2016 I was commissioned to create an Interactive Installation for Joan Clevillé Dance, co-designed with Joan, to tour with their piece, ‘Plan B for Utopia.’


See more about the piece, here:

Had a wonderful time as their ‘Rural Touring Engagement Dramaturg,’ taking the installation to its first 2 dates , in Aberdeenshire, flexibly re-constructing it for each new venue. It proved itself to work beautifully and I am very excited that it will be touring with them again, later this year and early in 2017.


  1. Image from Aberdeenshire performance venue
  2. Temporary installation at meadow Mill Studios, Dundee, during Dundee Design Festival 2016


And what about that new project idea that I mentioned?

Well, currently, I am developing ideas for a partnership performance piece, involving dance, neolithic sites, a digital production collaboration: it’s all just ideas until we get some funding, but watch here for updates.




Life is really very interesting…..


8 July 2016

Woop, woop! Well, only a week since I promised updates and here’s the first one: got the first baby step in the funding chain, see it here:

This will let me work on digital ideas development with the excellent Malath Abbas of Biome Collective “…to undertake discussions exploring the possibility of digitally documenting outdoor, site-sensitive, contemporary dance promenade performance. The aim is to propose the means to reproduce any given performance piece, as a ‘ghost’ of the original performance, for later audiences to experience, crucially, on the original outdoor site.”

1 This development process will run from now until September. Once the principle of the technique is worked out, it will be ready for the next step: to be refined by being woven into practical proposals.

2 These proposals would come from the Research and Development process which by September would – I hope – be funded.

3 Then comes the third funding application, for resources to finally carry out ‘The Actual Project,’ next year…. Might need a New Blog Page on this site for that, I think.

Onward & upward. Watch this space. Note to self: Must try to stay calm.


January 2017 and Friday 13th, so everything is possible…

The wonderful Joan Cleville Dance are touring Plan B for Utopia again, in February, taking my interactive installation with them. *Happy face*

Here are their tour dates:

Excellent start to the New Year….