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Moving Through: development 2017

Began 2017 with the first large sketch for “Moving Through,” a piece in development:


January got off to a great running start,with “Fun A Day,” a group commitment to be making art every day for the whole month, then showing the products. I used it as the way to explore ideas for the new piece. This group is called ” Moving Through 31″



Experiments continue, exploring the making methodologies for the proposed work.

Updates soon…..



Incidentally, a little extra in 2017 was an entertaining piece which was shown in the Royal Scottish Academy summer Open Exhibition.

It is called ‘Gogglesbox’ (timelaceflight) and came from a lighthearted work strand which I have had going along as an aside, for several years….

TLynn GogglesBox RSA TimeLaceFlight 2017



Then a further stage in the ‘Moving Through series, in the form of some tabletop maquettes, towards developing larger pieces.



More in 2018…..