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Public Art & Exhibition 2013-14

July 2013, a group exhibition at Gladstone’s land, Royal Mile Edinburgh: the buzz of summer in the heart of the city was building up, along with some perfect summer weather. Invigilation has never been so entertaining.

chendelier and mica schist III June13

‘Edinburgh Chandelier’ at exhibition on the Royal Mile, with ‘mica schist III’ lying below it – the light is so good, it’s almost too translucent! Look closely…

Mica Schist III crop  camera dump 20May13 107

‘Mica Schist III’ and ‘Mica Schist II’ – The colours change every time you move….


… and then, the current project, some public artwork in-the-making, at Whitfield Life Services Building. It is a commission for Dundee City Council, created after many months of wide community engagement, consultation & co-design process, undertaken with our project artists’ team:


design work arising from consultation process




the first full-size drawing, on the floor at Scott Associates fabricators in Glasgow – very exciting!


the canopy taking shape


and the elegant trunk, with the winding ribbon seat…

It will all be made shiny and bright before it is installed.

These Public Art designs are the result of long term partnership work in the area and an intensive series of workshops exploring people’s sense of place and the spirit of their community.


More soon…

Loving it.


July 2016

Having been away studying, and undertaking some new work, (which you can shortly see on a new page, here,) just thought I’d update this page with images of the final public artwork, installed and launched with the community, in March 2014 – and a note that it has become a focus for various community activities, including fabulous yarn-bombing! It’s great to see people taking ownership…


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